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The NHW Accreditation and Support Programme aims to:
  • Provide support to NHW to become sustainable and capable safety partners within Government and communities.
  • Acknowledge and recognise the efforts of accredited NHW and their contribution to safety.
  • Identify and document safety concerns within communities.

All NHW must first apply for Accreditation to the Western Cape Department of Community Safety (DoCS). Once approved for accreditation, NHW becomes eligible for resourcing, training and funding.

The process can take up to three (3) months (90 days);

“Any organisation or association that (a) operates not for gain as a voluntary organisation or association; (b) comprises members who are residents, tenants or owners of immovable property or with any other relevant interest in the area… (c) has the purpose of safeguarding its members … may apply to the Provincial Minister for accreditation as a NHW." (Western Cape Community Safety Act 3 of 2013)
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