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Neighbourhood Watch Accreditation and Support Programme aimed at regulating and supporting the functions of accredited Neighbourhood Watch structures. The NHW model is a whole-of-society approach to prevent crime and violence. It encourages and empowers citizens to participate in preventing and responding to crime and violence in their communities. The Neighbourhood Watch Accreditation and Support Programme is aligned to Section 6 of the Western Cape Community Safety Act of 2013.

The NHW Accreditation and Support Programme aims to:

  • Provide support to NHW to become sustainable and capable safety partners within Government and communities.
  • Acknowledge and recognise the efforts of accredited NHW and their contribution to safety.
  • Identify and document safety concerns within communities.

All NHW must first apply for Accreditation to the Western Cape Department of Community Safety (DoCS). Once approved for accreditation, NHW becomes eligible for resourcing, training and funding.

The process can take up to three (3) months (90 days);

Accreditation of NHWs:

When your NHW is approved and accredited they will receive Accreditation Certificate as well as a “Starter Kit”. The accreditation certificate is valid for 2 years.

As part of the NHW Accreditation and Support Programme, the Western Cape Department of Community Safety (DoCS) offers a two-day basic NHW training course. The training is provided within communities throughout the Western Cape at a community hall within the area. Training is free of charge and all logistics relating to training and catering is provided by DoCS.

This training module is the first step towards developing a comprehensive curriculum for NHWs and is an entry-level or “Basic Training” which is compulsory for all NHWs in the Province. This NHW training is viewed as the “Orientation” phase of NHW training. In the future, DoCS plans to offer training to NHWs to address issues such as first responder training (First Aid Level 1) and basic firefighting training.

All accredited Neighbourhood Watches are issued with a “Starter Kit” that contains the following:

  • Reflective vests
  • Torches
  • Strobe lights for the vehicles
  • Magnetic decals
  • A first aid kit
  • A fire extinguisher
  • Safety whistles
  • A storage box

*It should be noted that the “Starter Kit” is a once-off allocation.

Funding for NHWs

The Department of Community Safety has developed a funding model that will see departmental funds be made available in support of accredited NHWs. A maximum amount of R10 000 is available for each accredited NHW. Payment will be made once the NHW gets approved for accreditation and payment will be subject to the terms and conditions set by the Department. This funding will be based on budget availability. Payments will be made when the required documents are received from the NHW. This funding may be used to cover bank charges, administration costs and/or operational support of the NWH structure.

Accredited NHWs as of 31 July 2019, 314 NHWs across the Western Cape had been formally accredited.

For more information on the NHW Accreditation and Support Programme, please contact:

Neighbourhood Watch helpline (office hours)
Tel: 021 483 7813/8589 (Bulelwa Jaxa)
Email: /